Friday, 27 August 2010

Cosmopolitan Magazine Shoot - Party Set

I was comissioned to make a set for a shoot for cosmopolitan magazine, i was simply told abstract and to be "party" so i decided to create something that would catch the light well, have colour highlights and be mainly tonal. After a few meetings we agreed on colours and i got cracking. Actually just finished the shoot and it looked pretty good. did exctally what i wanted it to and even looked like a city scape in some shoots.. :)

xxx Karl Slater

Sunday, 22 August 2010


So it was my birthday party last night. In true me style there was a colourama in place and a beauty dish always close by. Me and all my best friends danced the night away.. wih i could do it all again... hmmm maybe next week hehehe..

big love to all the sexy people that made my birthday one i will always remember xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Shabba dabba Da Video

So the shabba dabba da promotional video just came out, little did i knw at the time there would be so much footage of me and my best friends getting down.

Me, Taz and niyi coursing a scene and looking a hot mess.. good times all round.
Shabba dabba Da is currently the only "club night" i never miss. i even moved my actual birthday party around just so i could go there and shake my tooshy :D

above is the full video.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Azza Set Commission 19-08-2010

Doing some concept ideas for a shoot i have coming up with azza. All i was asked silver back drop.. heres one of the 4 ive been playing with.

Designed for Niyi Crown - Shabba dabba da DJ night 14/08/10

I made this spikey lil fella for Niyi Crown resident DJ at Shabba dabba da
more photos to come, next time im going more conceptual. im over triangles.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Karl Slater Rose Shoulder deisgns - shabba dabba da - 17-08-10

I pushed on my rose idea i did for the Grant Squibb shoot for a night out at "shabba Dabba Da"
i look like a hot mess in the foto but its the only one i have.. never had so many complements on my outfit in my life.. i really think this is the start of a new style choice when i go ravin!

Again the design is all made out of paper and attached to a fabric base. I really liked the way it sit over the original that looked alitle bulkey compared to this.. i guess it all depends on what i need them for.. the over the head is great for beauty and this one is great for editorial.. could be amazing for bridal or a floaty romantic story. Ill post any more fotos i get as there were flashing lights every where i looked! hehehe