Sunday, 28 February 2010

so didnt you knw i can build a set as well??

As one of many things i do on a daily bases, set design is something that ive fallen into through dirty virgin photography & styling (now Julia&Karl), often less styling and more set design/build/styling then the clothes them self. I love it! its creativity to the max and thats what im all about.. i hate having to be commercial or taint my ideas for people that dont have any vision.. and set building/designing is purely self indulgent for me. This is the set build i did with my team mate (DVPS) for a shoot we did last month (not aloud to say and might even get in trouble puttin this out there) but when the final images are approved ill be pimping them on here asap.. it was a tropical garden made out of colourarama card.. sort of a move on from the darling ava shoot i did at the begining of the year. but not just huge roses now a whole jungle.. i think i could move this idea on further with the right budget and time.. alas those to things are the chain around my neck.. ether way it came out good! so watch this space.... and until the final images come out.. have a look ... x

final images coming soon...

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Streets of East London

One thing i love about living in east london Is that the Streets are lined with creativity, these are just a few snaps of some of the street art that can be found in the shorditch area! they come and go depending on where its placed but it only makes for an exciting ever changing city.

just love the colours it brings to a drab rainy monday, knowing that you can get a blast of colour no matter how bad the day may be.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Paper craft - Tropical Flowers

Some paper tropical flowers i made for a jewellery display. more pictures to follow but in the mean time look how pretty they look .. awww

David Haastrup Logo Design

A web design friend of mine David Haastrup asked me to design his logo for his new media business, this is the final one from a bunch i did.. a few versions on a theme.. might go back into it, but he loves it more the cake (his words not mine) so i sure it will stay. Hes working away now on his web page so be ready for a Fresh/sex/nu/hot media company soon to be on the tips of every body's tong.. focusing on fashion/photography/creative websites, creatively directed by yours truly.. so watch going global!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Do my feet smell of fish... no.. ok?

I saw these on one of the blogs i regularly read, there's so many beutyfl things coming out these days and im getting so much deeper into fashion brands then i have before, as a designer i dont value many other peoples stuff as i know that its over charged and often overly hyped up and im so focused on what i doing i dont have time to be all up in other peoples shit! but as a stylist im taking joy in know more unique brands ranges and whats coming out before its released and now have developed a need to own all these amazing things.. back loan maybe ??

andyway have a look at these amazing fish skin kicks! beautiful popping colour1! would look amazing with an all black outfit and just these popping blue kicks! ah so fresh!
one day soon im sure! <3

The offical informaion taken from
"Mors, the UK based sneaker brand will be releasing a range of sneakers made from Arctic fish skin for Fall/Winter 2010 in limited quantities. The ‘hoop’ high top will be available in electric blue fish leather and a black/blue fish leather colorway. The ‘net’ low cut model will be available in a dark blue fish leather. The salmon leather comes from the north of Iceland, it is a very strong and supple leather with amazing textures and colors that have to be seen to really be appreciated. It is very difficult to make sneakers from fish leather, so they can only be produced in small numbers. They are handcrafted to the highest standard in Portugal.

The fish leather sneakers are part of the Autumn/winter Mors range inspired by the arctic and featuring arctic sourced leathers like arctic fish and elk."

Monday, 22 February 2010

now if i had to wear anything in ths sun.. this would be the only thing

Though these glasses weren’t produced by Louis Vuitton, designer Dzmitry Samal took it upon himself to create these “aggressive and futuristic” shades. The Structure Eyewears are inspired by technical constructions and architecture. (Samal Design)..

how hot do these look.. man one day this wil be hanging on my waist.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

i like me a bit of Liquorish

I came cross this brand while styling a shoot the other week! and the moment i met them i feel in love with everything about them!! liquorish is a fashion forward youth lead brand, dealing with high fashion ideas, having a high level of graphic prints and beautiful dealing. if i was to design a womens range i have no dout it would have a very similar vibe. fun, playful and totally hot! whats not to love!! check out the new range. currently being shown at pure, has a real floral feel, denim, gold belts and so much more lovelyness!! check out the website here

available to by in topshop - Oxford circus and soon online!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Parfum de Rose Shoot

I got the images back from the shoot i did a few weeks back and after a day of retouching only 3 images they are done! you can see larger size images on my website - here

how well did thouse paper roses i made turn out huh, i see them being featured in more shoots.. but lets move this shit forward :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Behind the scenes over view

some behind the scenes photos of some of the shoots ive done over the last year.. some of the shoots still havent been put up yet! (flowers) cant wait to post them! making them was the most fun u can have with your clothes on!! lol xxx

My Styling Overview

Some of the styling work ive done over the last 2 years. since im doing a new blog i may as well go over everything thing ive been doing. more shoots updates as and when the come into my life, also what ive done to create the looks.. set build, behind the scenes imaga, maybe a few garments also.. u never know whats round the corner.. exciting stuff

Monday, 1 February 2010

just some thing for a shoot coming up..

Making the roses into a garland for a beauty shoot i have booked in.. they look amazing on the stand.... hope it works just as great in the shoot..

the moment i get the images ill put them straight up, untill then im gonna run around the studio in my roses .. jipppieeeeeeee

Javine come dine with me

3 looks for Javine's Tv appearance in come dine with me..
my first tv styling gig and i think it wet quite well! she looked great on camera, and woking with Javine is a pleaser.. she loves clothes and really enjoys wearing colours.
Shot One - Liquorish
Shot Two - Good One
Shot Three - Liquorish